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3D Panel Line

  • Vertical Type 3D Panel Production Line Vertical type 3D panel production line is a high-output 3D panel making line. Its wire inserting and welding machine makes the 3D panel be in a vertical way. The vertical type production line has the advantages of low solder skips rate, high welding quality, easy operation and good panel quality, etc.
  • Horizontal Type 3D Panel Production Line Horizontal type 3D panel production line has a wire inserting and welding machine which processes 3D panels in a horizontal way. The wire mesh welding machine is vertical or horizontal. This horizontal type 3D panel machine inserts wires into the polystyrene panel and then welds and cuts the wires automatically.

3D panel production line is used for producing steel mesh polystyrene sandwich panel. This panel is also called 3D panel. It is a new type of construction material. 3D panel is widely used in all types of concrete structures. 3D panel machine is mainly composed of steel net welding machine and wire inserting and welding machine. There are vertical type and horizontal type 3D panel production lines in the market at present. This line is controlled by computer (PLC). The operation and maintenance are very easy. It is a mechanical and electrical integrated high-tech 3D panel making machine.

1. 3D panel machine has a LC touch screen controlling system.
2. The transmission mechanism is controlled through pneumatic or stepping motor.
3. Automated 3D panel production line features high productive efficiency, low solder skips rate, large welding spot rate, good evenness of product, low cost of production and stable quality.
4. 3D panel machine  is accomplished through the processes of oblique cutting, cutting off, leveling the net, locating the foam and welding of steel truss connector and plain net.
5. 3D panel production line can be customized according to clients’ requirements.

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Parameters of 3D Panel Production Line
Capacity of Production Line 50-120 m2/ hour
Length of Panel 1200 mm to 12000 mm
Width of Panel 1000 mm or 1200 mm
Welding Mesh Hole 50 mm × 50 mm or 100 mm × 100 mm
Mesh Wire Diameter Ø2.0-3.0 mm
Inset Wire Diameter Ø2.0-3.0 mm
Insulation Core 50-150 mm
Distance between EPS Panel and Steel Wire Panel 9 mm