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Chicken Raising Equipment

  • A-Frame Layer Cages
  • A-Frame Layer Cages
    A-frame layer cage is mainly composed of bottom net, upper net, partition mesh, cage door, etc. This chicken cage is made of hot galvanized steel wire. The water control system in this cage is capable of supplying clean and fresh water to each chicken. Stainless steel nipple drinkers are used in the water system. Loading capacity of each layer is 40 kg/pcs. Our A-frame layer cages have two, three, four or five tiers to meet customer’s requirement.

  • H Frame Chicken Cages

    H type chicken cages have H type frame. These poultry cages are made of galvanized steel wire. This cage usually has three tiers. Cages with two or four tiers are also optional. The layer cage is composed of water supply system, nipple drinkers, feeding hopper, manure removal system and egg-collection system. The water pressure control system supplies clean and average fresh water to each chick. It is durable and has good quality. The nipple drinkers in the H type chicken cage are made of stainless steel. This poultry cage has passed ISO900 certification.

  • Broiler Raising Equipment
    Broiler raising equipment is mainly composed of feeding line, nipple drinking system, fans, cooling pad, environment controller hanging system, water level indicator, ventilation system, etc. This poultry equipment can meet the requirements of raising broilers during any growing period. This product has an automated feeding system. It reduces labor intensity. One person is enough for one chicken house.

Chicken raising equipment includes heat supply equipment, ventilation device, water supply equipment, feeding device, egg-collecting device, dung cleaner, cage and lighting equipment. Poultry equipment can be applied to breeding industry, livestock farm, stock raising, large scale poultry site, etc.

1. We adopt advanced negative-pressure oxygen-enriched combustion technique in chicken raising equipment. This technique has fully ensured sufficient burning of coal.
2. Our equipment has overcome the defects of furnace temperature unevenness, insufficient combustion and smoke overflowing of traditional poultry equipment.
3. Our effective chicken raising equipment can achieve good temperature balance. The temperature inside the chicken house rises quickly. The temperature can reach 38℃ in 90 minutes. The maximum power reaches 150,000 kilocalorie/hour.
4. The old type static heating supply tends to have ventilation effect and much smog that will cause disease. Our new poultry equipment has an integration of combustion and heat exchange. Heating and ventilation are done separately. It produces no pollution to the environment.
5. Alarm, temperature control and ventilation are all controlled automatically. Problems of manual work in traditional chicken house have been fully resolved in this way.
6. Our chicken raising equipment is automatically controlled by computer. It is very safe.

  As a dedicated poultry equipment supplier, Wealth adopts the latest technology and advanced manufacturing equipment. Our chicken farming equipment includes A-type layer cage, H-type chicken cage and broiler raising equipment. We offer one-stop service for our products. If clients are suffering from choosing manufacturers through various B2B websites or hesitating about whether to visit Chinese factories because of long distance, you can ask our company for assistance.

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