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PU Sandwich Panel

PU Sandwich Panel

PU sandwich panel is also named as polyurethane sandwich panel, polyurethane composite board and polyurethane energy-saving panel. Rigid polyurethane foam is used as insulating layer of this panel. This product is a composite board with double metal surface, single metal surface or without metal surface. PU sandwich panel is commonly used in wall and roof containment system of industrial factory building, logistics storage and integrated house.

1. PU sandwich panel features low heat conductivity coefficient and good heat-insulating property. It is the best thermal insulating material at present.
2. It is very convenient to install polyurethane sandwich panels.
3. This product has good fire-proofing property.
4. PU sandwich panel is non-toxic.
5. It is applicable at a wide range of temperature.
6. This product is also water and moisture proof.
7. PU sandwich panel needs short construction period. It creates good comprehensive benefits.

As a PU sandwich panel supplier, Wealth provides clients with superior-quality polyurethane sandwich panels. We offer one-stop service for our products to our clients. We take whole-life responsibility for the products we sell. Our main products include EPS raw material production line, EPS pre-expander, EPS block molding machine, EPS block cutting machine condensing unit, air cooler, cold room door, PU sandwich panel, color steel coils and chicken raising equipment, etc.

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