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Vertical Type 3D Panel Production Line

Vertical Type 3D Panel Production Line

Vertical type 3D panel production line include wire mesh welding machine, 3d panel forming machine, alignment and cutting machine, spot welding machine. It’s working process is: First use wire mesh welding machine to weld mesh with required size, then cut insert wire with cutting machine, keep precut wires into wire holder and put wire mesh and EPS sheet into 3D panel making line to produce 3D panels. If some welding points are missed, finally use spot welder to make up the missed welding.

1. Vertical type design has solved the problem of solder skips rate. It makes operation and maintenance much easier.
2. Vertical type 3D panel production line has a unique wire-insert mechanism. The wire is precut to the required length. The wires are inserted into polystyrene panel by wire-threading mechanism.
3. The simple actions of inserting and welding make welding spots strong and panels straight.
4. There are wide range of materials that can be used as core materials of the 3D panels, such as EPS (expandable polystyrene), rock wool, expanded perlite, etc.
5. The smart welding holder of the 3D panel making line makes the welding pressure more even and stronger, so that the welding spots can be steady.
6. The application of rock wool and expanded perlite can improve the fireproof performance of light sandwich panel.
7. Length and thickness of 3D panels can be adjusted easily.

Parameters of Vertical Type 3D Panel Production Line

Capacity of Production Line 50~120 m2/ hour
Length of Panel 1200 mm to 12000 mm
Width of Panel 1000 mm or 1200 mm
Welding Mesh Hole 50 mm × 50 mm or 100 mm × 100 mm
Mesh Wire Diameter Ø2.0~3.0 mm
Inset Wire Diameter Ø2.0~3.0 mm
Insulation Core 50~150 mm
Distance between EPS Panel and Steel Wire Panel 9 mm

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