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    Cold storage is a warehouse creating appropriate humidity and cold condition with cooling facilities. It is also called refrigerated ...

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    Air cooler is used to blow the air inside of the storehouse to make heat exchange and achieve cooling effect. Freon is used to...

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    PU sandwich panel is also named as polyurethane sandwich panel, polyurethane composite board and polyurethane energy-saving . ..

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    Cold storage door is composed of guide rail, door frame, stainless steel door panel, door lock, safety device and door hinge...

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    Our cold storages are applicable in various industries, such as agriculture, forestry, livestock industry, fishery industry...

Cold storage is a warehouse creating appropriate humidity and cold condition with cooling facilities. It is also called refrigerated storage. It is a site for processing and storing products. It can extend the storage life of all kinds of products without the influence of climate. In this way, cold storage can adjust products supply to markets. Refrigerated storage consists of warehouse plate, gates, refrigerating devices, pipelines and valves.

There is a wide application scope of cold storage. It is suitable for preserving all kinds of fruits, vegetables, frozen foods (frozen fish, frozen meat and cold beverage, etc.), medicines, flowers, nursery stocks, and so on. Refrigerated storage can be applied to food factory, dairy plant, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plant, fruit and vegetable warehouse, eggs warehouse, hotel, supermarket, hospital, blood station, laboratory, etc.

1. Cold storage can achieve a long refreshing time of products. It brings high economic benefits.
2. The operations are very simple. Its maintenance is convenient.
3. A microcomputer is used in the refrigeration devices to control the temperature. It starts up and stops automatically without the need of monitoring.
4. Key components of cold storage are imported from Germany. They have great power.
5. We hold rich technical experience in manufacturing refrigerated storage.
6. Our professional after-sale service team provides 24-hour service.
7. We hold qualifications on manufacturing cold storage devices and on engineering installation.

Refrigerant oil should be changed regularly. The electrical part should be checked periodically.

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