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Ice Cream Machine

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Ice cream machine is used for producing all kinds of ice cream and ice cream bars. Ready-prepared soft ice cream slurry is refrigerated at first. The slurry is stirred properly at the same time. When the slurry is chilled to the suitable temperature, fresh ice cream is produced. Our ice cream production line can produce fragrant, smooth, good-looking and tasty ice creams. Closed-type compressor unit, expansion valve and solenoid valves are imported from abroad. Ice cream machine can be applied to tea restaurant, beverage shop, coffee shop, frozen food factory, hotel, school, railway station, dock, etc.

1. The temperature of e ice cream is showed on a digital display.
2. The digitalized and intelligent operating system is very easy to operate.
3. ice cream production line has a vertical type body. Air is exhausted from its sides.
4. The digital platform controls the hardness of ice cream and the production time.
5. The operation of ice cream machine is safe and simple. This machine can be moved easily.

Use and Maintenance
1. In order to assure customers’ health and to increase the lifespan of the components of ice cream production line, clients should wash the refrigeration cylinder once a day.
2. Please keep the surface of the equipment clean. Clients can use warm towel wipe the machine body. The machine body can not be washed with water, or the electrical devices would break down.
3. The condenser would collect dust after working for a period of time. Heat dissipation of ice cream machine would be affected. The condenser should be washed every half year. It is better to invite professionals to clean the condenser. Before cleaning, clients should turn off the power source.
4. After the ice cream production line has been used for a long time, transmission belts in the stirring system might be lengthened. The belts should be adjusted or changed by professionals.
5. We attach optical disc of introductions which contain detailed information, such as use, maintenance, preparing ice cream slurry and producing finished products.
6. Our ice cream production line has a one-year guarantee.

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