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Cold Storage
  • Condensing Unit Condensing unit is a refrigerating system. It is usually configured of compressors, condenser, liquid reservoir (if needed) and accessories like fan motor, controller and mounting plate. This compressor and condenser unit is used for compressing and liquefying refrigerant. A heat exchanger is used to change refrigerant vapor into liquid.
  • Air Cooler Air cooler is used to blow the air inside of the storehouse to make heat exchange and achieve cooling effect. Freon is used to absorb heat when it is vaporizing. This machine is usually used in food processing industry. It is applicable in air conditioning and cooling of large thermal load food processing, selecting and packaging workshops.
  • PU Sandwich Panel PU sandwich panel is also named as polyurethane sandwich panel, polyurethane composite board and polyurethane energy-saving panel. Rigid polyurethane foam is used as insulating layer of this panel. This product is a composite board with double metal surface, single metal surface or without metal surface.
  • Cold Storage Door Cold storage door is composed of guide rail, door frame, stainless steel door panel, door lock, safety device and door hinge. It is widely applied in all kinds of civil engineering and cold storage. This product is heat insulating and airtight and it is often installed with anti-freezing or frost-proof facilities and anti-collision devices.
  • Project Show Our cold storages are applicable in various industries, such as agriculture, forestry, livestock industry, fishery industry, medical industry and chemical industry. It is usually composed of insulation material, refrigeration source, connecting pipeline, electrical part, evaporator, valves and refrigerant. Here are some pictures of our successful cold storage projects.
3D Panel Line
  • Vertical Type Line Vertical type 3D panel production line is a high-output 3D panel making line. Its wire inserting and welding machine makes the 3D panel be in a vertical way. The wire mesh welding machine is of vertical or horizontal type.
  • Horizontal Type Horizontal type 3D panel production line has a wire inserting and welding machine which processes 3D panel in a horizontal way. The wire mesh welding machine is of vertical or horizontal type. There is no need to precut the wire.