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Air Cooler

Air Cooler

Air cooler is used to blow the air inside of the storehouse to make heat exchange and achieve cooling effect. Freon is used to absorb heat when it is vaporizing. This machine is usually used in food processing industry. It is applicable to large thermal load food processing, selecting and packaging workshops. Ceiling air cooler is used in the occasions of workshop air-conditioning, refrigeration and cold storage. It is installed at the roof of the workshop. This machine is mainly composed of motor, fan blade and copper tube.

1. It is very easy to defrost the air cooler. This machine has distinct cooling effect.
2. This machine has high heat transfer efficiency. It features moisture resistance, low temperature resistance, large air quantity, low noise and stable operation.
3. Ceiling air cooler has compact structure. It is light and doesn’t occupy the usable area of refrigerator cabinet and air conditioner.
4. It can evenly and quickly cool down the surrounding area.
5. The electric heating pipe is directly inserted into the coil pipe. The defrosting time is very short. Defrosting effect is very good.
6. Static phosphating spraying technique is adopted in the surface treatment of the ceiling air cooler.
7. It has high strength and superior performance in resisting corrosion.
8. This machine is easy to assemble.

Defrosting Process
When the air cooler is working, the temperature of the environment is below 0℃. The moisture in the cold storage house would continually frost on the surface of the cooler. The speed of frosting is related to evaporation temperature and the state of the air. With the frost becoming thicker, the heat transfer efficiency and refrigeration coefficient are reduced continually. When the frost reaches a certain thickness or after the ceiling air cooler has run for a certain time, it will start the defrosting program. The electrical defrosting, hot Freon/ Ammonia defrosting or water defrosting programs are set in the machine. When the defrosting process is finished, the air cooler will resume the refrigeration operating status.

Use and Maintenance
Before using air cooler, clients should pay attention to leakage detecting. The heating pipe and motor should be checked regularly. Clients should also defrost this machine regularly.

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