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Cold Storage Door

Cold storage door is composed of guide rail, door frame, stainless steel door panel, door lock, safety device and door hinge. It is widely applied in all kinds of civil engineering and cold storage. This cooler foor or freezer door is heat insulating and airtight and it is often installed with anti-freezing or frost-proof facilities and anti-collision devices. Cold storage doors include manual translation door, electric sliding door, hinged door (side hung door) and vertical lift door.

1. Our cooler foor or freezer door has excellent heat-shielding and air tight properties. It is light and easy to open and close.
2. The door frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy sections. It is durable and good-looking. It doesn’t deform.
3. Cold storage doors are equipped with emergency safety device and means of escape. The cooler foor or freezer door is ensured to run safely and effectively.
4. Door leaf is made of polyurethane foam. The foam is molded by pressure injection machine. The polyurethane is dense and it fills the door. There is no shrunk bubble.
5. High-strength rigid rust-proof aluminum alloy is pressed to form the guide rail of the cold storage door.
6. Hardware and accessories are all made of stainless steel. These high-precision door parts are durable. They make the cooler foor or freezer door safe.
7. The sealing strip is especially designed and processed by our company. The high-elasticity EPDM rubber sealing strip is low temperature resistant, oil proof, rub resistant and ageing proof.
8. The electric heating anti-freezing devices effectively prevent the juncture of cold storage door and door frame from freezing.

is established in 2010. We are a famous supplier of cooler foor or freezer door in China. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc. We offer our clients with good solutions in our familiar field. Clients can also visit factories and check products.

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