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EPS Raw Material Line

EPS Raw Material Production Line

EPS raw material production line is used for producing EPS beads (Expandable Polystyrene). This line is composed of tank workshop, polymerization workshop, screening workshop, packing workshop, material storing workshop and water treatment workshop. This is a chemical project, so clients should operate and maintain the project in accordance with local production regulations. The operation of equipments are easy.We use DCS controlling system to control all the important points in whole EPS project from tank area to packing step.The most important thing is to control the polymerization temperature curve.

Services and Advantages
1. We are the only company in China which has successfully supplied EPS raw material line overseas.
2. We have an experienced technical team for organizing projects every step.
3. We will design the factory layout according to client’s land scheme. We will provide production formulation and all necessary equipment for this project from China.
4. We can also send technicians team for installation and commissioning of the EPS raw material production line.
5. Ingredients of the EPS raw material are also available.
6. We can guide clients to visit the demo factory which our engineers built in China.

Our technology on EPS raw material line is originated from BASF and SHELL. Through 30 years’ constant innovation and testing, we have achieved mature technology. Now, the technology is widely used in China.

is a well-known supplier of EPS raw material production line in China. Our enterprise integrates independent research and development, manufacture, marketing and service. In addition to EPS raw material line, we also supply cold storage warehouse, condensing unit, air cooler, cold room door, PU sandwich panel, etc. We can send technicians for factory check, products inspection and communication.

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