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EPS Pre-Expander

  • PSY70~120 EPS Continuous Pre-Expander Continuous pre-expander is used for expanding EPS raw material to required density. This machine continuously loads raw material and discharges expanded material. Our EPS pre-expanders are designed and manufactured with the latest technology. These products have more functions.
  • PSJ110~160 EPS Batch Pre-Expander Batch pre-expander is used for expanding EPS raw material (polystyrene) with steam. The raw material is expanded to a required density suitable for the following molding or shaping process of EPS manufacturing. The processes of material filling and expanding are done in batches.
  • VST-BP150 Batch Pre-Expander VST-BP150 Batch Pre-expander is an economic machine for getting good density and big capacity. The machine adopts simple piping system and big closed expansion chamber, but allows big capacity, lower steam consumption and more accurate density compared with continuous preexpander.

EPS pre-expander is used for expanding EPS raw material to a required density. This machine expands polystyrene granules with steam to form larger beads. That is usually the first stage of EPS manufacturing process. Expanded material can be sent to shape molding machine and block molding machine to produce packaging and construction products.

1. A closed type foaming is adopted. It has high thermal efficiency and saves steam. This type of EPS pre-expander machine saves 50% of energy contrasted with the continuous type
. 2. The primary foaming and secondary foaming make the density of EPS reaches the requirement.
3. Programmable control and touch screen controller are adopted in this pre-expander. They help realize automatically loading materials, sensing the material level, automatic calculation, automatic temperature and air pressure control.
4. Electronic weighing system and photoelectrical thermometer control system are adopted in the pre-expander to correctly grasp the volume of the foam material. The beads are in uniform density after foaming. The error is less than 3%.
5. Automatic feeding is achieved by the combination of auto-feeding device, electronic weighing system and material level switch. It has increased the productive efficiency of EPS pre-expander machine.
6. Automatic discharge is achieved by using compressed air blowing the material. This method has raised the speed of discharge.
7. The computer has a memory function. It can record the name of the raw material supplier, specifications, foaming technique and parameters that the clients have ever used.
8. Inner wall of the barrel is made of stainless steel. It is beautiful and durable.
9. All the electrical devices and pneumatic elements and valves are all from famous brands both at home and aboard. They ensure the stability and reliability of operations and increase the lifespan of the pre-expander.
10. The fluidized bed dryer should be purchased independently according to client’s selection.

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