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EPS Machine

  • EPS Pre-Expander

    EPS pre-expander is used for expanding EPS raw material to a required density. This machine expands polystyrene granules ...

  • Vacuum Shape Molding Machine

    T series vacuum shape molding machines are used for molding EPS with moulds to form packaging products and construction ...

  • Vacuum Block Molding Machine

    Vacuum block molding machine is used for molding EPS beads to form blocks. EPS blocks are then cut into sheets ...

  • Block Cutting Machine

    PSC200-800C series block cutting machine is used for cutting EPS blocks. It is a semi-automated EPS foam cutter...

  • EPS Recycling System

    EPS recycling machine is used for recycling wasted EPS products and EPS scraps. The wasted material is always a headache ....

  • EPS Mould Series

    EPS moulds are used in EPS molding machine to give the pre-expanded EPS breads a required shape. We have first-class....

EPS machines are used for producing and processing EPS products, such as EPS blocks and sheets. EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) is a type of light plastic foam produced from solid particles of polystyrene. EPS is a low-cost, high-performance insulation material. We provide all kinds of high-quality EPS equipment and turnkey projects to meet clients’ needs. These products include EPS pre-expander, EPS shape molding machine, EPS block molding machine, cutting machine and EPS recycling system.

1. Our EPS machines have rational design and elegant appearance.
2. Structures of these machines are very simple. Operations are very easy.
3. These products are firm and durable. The maintenance for them is very convenient.
4. Energy-saving EPS equipment consumes little dynamic power and has higher power utilization ratio.
5. The high-rigidity machine frame is made of welded torsion-resistant steel. The frame is very stable.
6. The frames used in EPS machines are processed by high temperature annealing and heat treatment. They are imported form CNC processing center.
7. Pilot-operated type steam reducing and filtering system is adopted to make steam pressure more stable.
8. The steam pressure used for de-molding and cooling can be adjusted independently.
9. EPS equipment features simple layout of pipes and efficient pressure management.

Wealth is a professional supplier of EPS machines in China. We provide high-quality products and turn-key projects for your needs. We have built up factories in many countries, such as Romania, Russia, Malta, Uzbekistan, Iran, India, Indonesia, etc. We provide one year guarantee to all our equipment and provide whole-life service to our esteemed clients. If you have interested in our EPS equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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EPS Raw Material
EPS raw material (expanded polystyrene) is a kind of insulation material widely used in producing packaging and construction products. EPS beads are small and transparent plastic beads. The beads can be expanded to become resilient and form white-colored foam. EPS beads are then molded into EPS blocks or customized products.