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EPS Recycling System

  • EPS Crusher Machine
    EPS crusher machine is used for grinding wasted EPS products or EPS scraps into specified size. It separate the EPS blocks at the ....

  • EPS De-duster

    EPS de-duster is used for removing the dusts and other particles from the crushed wasted EPS products and scraps. It is...

  • EPS Mixer

    EPS mixer is especially used for EPS recycling. After the crusher smashing the EPS products or scraps and the de-duster...

  • EPS Pelletizer

    EPS pelletizer is used for changing EPS to PS pellets. It crushes wasted EPS products or scraps to small pieces and then melts and...

EPS recycling machine is used for recycling wasted EPS products and EPS scraps. The wasted material is always a headache for factories. It pollutes the environment and takes a lot of space of the factory. The styrofoam recycling machine can change EPS waste to useful products and make profits for the factory. EPS recycling machine consists of crusher, de-duster, mixer and pelletizer. EPS crusher machine smashes the wasted EPS products or EPS scraps into granules. The de-duster then removes the dust from the material. The recycled material is then mixed with other virgin materials according to certain proportion. It will be shaped or molded for producing other products.

1. EPS recycling machine is suitable for recycling EPS scraps of EPS processing factory, wasted EPS products and reclaimed EPS material.
2. EPS crusher machine breaks EPS blocks at the joint part. The granules get uniform diameters after crushing and sieving.
3. The de-duster of styrofoam recycling machine is used for removing dust and particles from the wasted material.
4. The recycled EPS granules can be mixed with fresh pre-expanded granules for being molded.
5. EPS pelletizer changes EPS to PS pellets.

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