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EPS Block Cutting Machine

  • PSC200-800A Block Cutting Machine This block cutting machine is especially designed for cutting EPS blocks into desired sizes. It cuts foam with the hot wire cutting method. PSC200-800A series EPS cutting machines can do horizontal, vertical and down cutting. Multiple wires are set in this machine at the same time for ...
  • PSC200-800C Block Cutting Machine PSC200-800C series block cutting machine is used for cutting EPS blocks. It is a semi-automated EPS foam cutter. This machine is a hot wire cutter. It has the functions of horizontal, vertical and down cutting. Multiple wires are installed in this machine to increase the efficiency of down cutting.
  • CNC200-400 CNC Cutting Machine This CNC cutting machine is a mechanical and electrical integrated EPS cutting machine. Its lathe is driven by digital program. While the lathe is running, the cutting wire cuts the EPS blocks. This CNC foam cutter is capable of cutting EPS blocks into exact shapes as the designed drawing. This machine is controlled by PC.

EPS block cutting machine is used for cutting expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam into required sizes. Our EPS foam cutters include PSC200-800A series cutter, PSC200-800C series cutter and CNC cutting machine. A series cutters and C series cutters are semi-automated machines. They can make horizontal and vertical cutting automatically. CNC cutting machine is controlled by computer programs. These EPS block cutting machines are all very efficient.

1. Main frames of these EPS foam cutters are welded from high quality square tube or structural steel. The frames are very firm and strong. They never deform.
2. Three different types of cutting devices are installed in the EPS block cutting machine to achieve horizontal, vertical and cross cutting.
3. These cutting machines run stably. The speed is adjustable in a wide range.
4. EPS block cutting machines are firm and light. They have great cutting accuracy.
5. The high performance heating wires are made of a long-lifespan alloy composed of nickel, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum and titanium. The length of the wires can be extended.
6. EPS foam cutter can cut different shapes with set design.

is a well-known supplier of EPS block cutting machines in China. Our enterprise integrates independent research and development, manufacture, marketing and service. In addition to this equipment, we also supply cold storage warehouse, condensing unit, air cooler, cold room door, PU sandwich panel, etc. We can send technicians for factory check, products inspection and communication. If you are interested in our EPS foam cutter, please contact us freely.

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