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EPS Block Molding Machine

  • PSB-DZ200-600 Vacuum Supported Block Molding Machine Vacuum block molding machine is used for molding EPS beads to form blocks. EPS blocks are then cut into sheets for house insulation or packing. EPS blocks are popularly used to make EPS sandwich panels, 3D panels, wall insulation panels, glass packing and furniture packing, etc. This EPS molding machine is composed of control box, vacuum system and weighing system, etc...
  • PSB-DF200- 600 Air Cooling Block Molding Machine Air cooling block molding machine is used for molding EPS material into blocks. EPS beads are expanded by steam in the mould. They are then cooled by air and then form the shape of block. This type of EPS block molding machine is suitable for small capacity and low-density block production. This machine is an economic choice.

EPS block molding machine is used for producing EPS blocks. Pre-expanded EPS beads are loaded into the cavity of the mould. Steam is used to expand the beads. The material is then shaped into blocks in the mould. EPS blocks can be used as insulation for outer and inner wall of buildings. According to different cooling methods, EPS molding equipment can be categorized into vacuum block molding machine and air cooling EPS block molding machine. Clients can also choose CNC cutting machine to cut EPS blocks into column for construction. EPS sandwich panels are also widely used in construction field.

1. Unique advanced EPS thermoforming techniques are adopted. They include main heating, assistant heating and instantly closing. EPS block molding machine has strong penetrating power.
2. EPS molding equipment is controlled by PLC. All the operations can be controlled through the touch screen of the computer. It has realized fully automation of the operations of opening mould, closing mould, loading material, heating, heat preserving, air cooling, demoulding, and so on.
3. An air blower is used to suck the block and cool the material. The finished block has low water content rate and good adhesion degree.
4. The maintenance of our EPS molding equipment is very convenient.
5. The mould cavity is made of thick aluminum alloy plate. It features high heat-transfer efficiency, good tensile strength and long lifespan.
6. Our EPS block molding machines are manufactured from superior quality structural steel. The steel has undergone aging heat treatment. EPS molding equipment has high strength and doesn’t deform. It can endure the expansive force of high density products.

is a famous company that can provide hgih quality EPS block molding machines. Our enterprise integrates independent research and development, manufacture, marketing and service. In addition to EPS molding equipment , we also supply cold storage warehouse, condensing unit, air cooler, cold room door, PU sandwich panel, etc. We can send technicians for factory check, products inspection and communication.

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