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EPS Shape Molding Machine

  • PSZ100~180T Vacuum Shape Molding Machine T series vacuum shape molding machines are used for molding EPS with moulds to form packaging products and construction products, such as electrical packing, vegetable and fruit boxes, seedling trays, brick, insert, ICF, etc....
  • PSZ100~180E Vacuum Shape Molding Machine EPS shape molding machine is used to mold expanded EPS material into shapes with different moulds. For making a same EPS product, the E type machine saves 40% of cycle time and 40% of energy consumption in contrast with a normal machine.

EPS shape molding machine is used to mold EPS with moulds to get different foam shapes. EPS material is molded to form fruit box, vegetable box, computer packaging, TV packaging, pallet, ICF bricks and insert bricks etc. This EPS molding equipment works in fully automatic processes, including mould closing, filling, steaming, cooling and mould opening etc. EPS shape molding machine is very easy to operate and easy to maintain.

1. The plates and frame of this EPS molding equipment are all made of strong steel plates. The steel plates are processed through high-precision CNC machining and heat treatment to avoid deforming.
2. Several methods are adopted in EPS shape molding machine to protect operators, such as safety gate, emergency stop button, interlock, etc.
3. This machine features high capacity and low energy consumption which would help clients make more profits and save cost in a long run.
4. Important parts like touch screen, PLC, hydraulic unit, pneumatic unit and electrical unit are all of famous brands.
5. EPS products made by EPS shape molding machine have lower water content.
6. This EPS molding equipment can be used for at least ten years.

As a dedicated supplier of EPS shape molding machine in China, Wealth adopts the latest technology and advanced manufacturing equipment. In addition, we also offer A-type layer cage, H-type chicken cage and broiler raising equipment. We offer one-stop service for our products. If clients are suffering from choosing manufacturers through various B2B websites or hesitating about whether to visit Chinese factories because of long distance, you can ask our company for assistance.

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