Condensing Unit

  • BITZER Semi-Hermetic Piston Compressor Condensing Unit
    Semi-hermetic condensing unit is a semi-hermetic piston compressor. It is used for compressing and condensing refrigerant vapor into liquid. The power unit is from the world famous brand BITZER. This compressor condensing unit is composed of condenser, liquid reservoir, compressor, solenoid valve, voltage controller, pressure gage, etc. The semi-hermetic condensing unit can be divided into air cooled type and water cooled type.

  • BITZER Two-Stage Compressor Condensing Unit

    The two-stage condensing unit is supplied by BITZER. This product is also used for changing refrigerant vapor into liquid. This compressor unit mainly consists of air cooled condenser, liquid reservoir, high pressure controller, low pressure controller, dry filter, solenoid valve, junction box and thermal expansion valve. Two-stage condensing units are applicable to agricultural forestry, fishery, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • Hermetic Condensing Unit
    Hermetic condensing unit has a hermetic compressor. We can provide non-standard design according to clients’ requirement. This hermetic compressor condensing unit is mainly composed of compressor, liquid reservoir, condenser, solenoid valve, pressure controller and pressure gage.

  • Screw Compressor Condensing Unit

    This screw compressor condensing unit is also used for changing refrigerant vapor into liquid form. The power unit is supplied by the famous BITZER Company. This unit mainly consists of screw compressors (high temperature), condenser (water cooled, air cooled or evaporative cooled), liquid reservoir, valves and economizer. This screw compressor condensing unit is suitable for all kinds of working conditions.

  • V-Shape Box Condensing Units
    The box type condensing unit features a V shape condenser. It is used for compressing and liquidize refrigerant. This unit is composed of compressor, V shape condenser, solenoid valve, pressure controller and filter, etc. It is also equipped with expansion device and evaporator to carry on refrigerating cycle.

  • U-Shape Box Condensing Unit

    This box type condensing unit has a U shape condenser. It is suitable for outdoors or places without machine room. It is composed of compressor, condenser, filter, valves, etc. It is also used for compressing and liquidizing refrigerant. This condensing unit can be configured with different condensing blower according to clients’ requirement.

  • Piston Multi-Compressor Condensing Units
    This multi-compressor condensing unit is composed of piston compressor, condenser (water cooled, air cooled or evaporation cooled), frame, oil line system, electric control system, protective devices, high pressure (low pressure) gauge, liquid reservoir and gas liquid separator. The piston compressor condensing units can be divided into air cooled units and water cooled units which are suitable for different occasions.

  • Screw Multi-Compressor Condensing Units

    This type of multi-compressor condensing unit has multiple screw compressors connected together. This unit is mainly used in large-scale cold storage and industries like air conditioning and industrial refrigeration, etc. This screw compressor condensing unit consists of condenser, screw compressor, evaporator, oil separator, air liquid separator, valves, electric cabinet, pipeline, etc.

Condenser unit is a refrigerating system. It is usually configured with compressors, condenser, liquid reservoir (if needed) and accessories like fan motor, controller and mounting plate. This compressor condensing unit is used for compressing and liquefying refrigerant. A heat exchanger is used to change refrigerant vapor into liquid. A fan blows the air outside. We offer all kinds of designs of the condensing unit. The sizes of this machine range from small household appliances to large industrial scale used for factories.

1. Our condenser unit has a clever design and testing unit which can reduce your operating cost.

2. The integrated components can be customized in order to make your work easier.
3. This compressor condensing unit features an integrated product design.
4. It runs stably and reliably. It is corrosion resistant.
5. Condenser unit has complete protective functions. The protective devices include phase protector, water-flow switch protector, low water-level protector, water pump overload protector, compressor overload protector and high and low pressure switches protector.
6. This product is applicable to all types of freezing and cold preserving at over -40℃.

Use and Maintenance
1. The condenser and evaporator should be cleaned regularly to keep the condenser unit running well.
2. Clients should clean the cooling water tower and the cooling fins regularly and keep good heat dissipation.
3. Clients should check the lubrication oil after the condensing unit has run continuously for 10000 hours. It is suggested to change lubrication oil and wash the filter after the compressor condensing units run 1000 hours for the first time.
4. As long as the condenser unit is running well, client can change lubrication oil each 20000 hours or four times a year.
5. Clients should use quality certified lubrication oil and don’t mix oils of different brands together. Different type of refrigerants suit different oils. Some synthetic oils are incompatible with mineral oil.
6. Clients should make sure the condenser unit is clean without impurity before adding oil to it.
7. The chilled water pump can not be used when water tank is empty.
8. It is not allowed to continuously switch the operating switches of compressor condensing unit.
9. It is normal that when temperature of the chilled water reaches a set value, the compressor would stop automatically.
10. Except for the low-temperature refrigerator, it should be avoided setting the temperature switch to below 5℃.