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Project Show

Our cold storages are applicable in various industries, such as agriculture, forestry, livestock industry, fishery industry, medical industry and chemical industry. It is usually composed of insulation material, refrigeration source, connecting pipeline, electrical part, evaporator, valves and refrigerant. Here are some pictures of our successful cold storage projects.This construction can extend the storage life of all kinds of products without the influence of the climate. In this way, the cold storage can adjust products supply to markets. This refrigerated storage consists of warehouse plate, gates, refrigerating devices, pipelines and valves.

1. We have rich experience in building cold storage project.
2. Our company possesses great technical strength.
3. We are the largest agent for BITZER in China and the appointed maintenance center.
4. We have equipment production certificate and cold storage project installation certificate.

Use and Maintenance
1. Operation must be done by specialized professionals. If abnormal phenomena occur, clients should power down the cold storage in time.
2. The equipment should be maintained regularly. Clients are recommended to change refrigerant oil in the system and defrost the evaporator.

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Condensing Unit
Semi-hermetic condensing unit has a semi-hermetic piston compressor. It is used for compressing and condensing refrigerant vapor into liquid. The power unit is from the world famous brand BITZER. This compressor condensing unit is composed of condenser, liquid reservoir, compressor, solenoid valve, voltage controller, pressure gage, etc.


Cold Storage Door
Cold storage door is composed of guide rail, door frame, stainless steel door panel, door lock, safety device and door hinge. It is widely applied in all kinds of civil engineering and cold storage. This product is heat insulating and airtight and it is often installed with anti-freezing or frost-proof facilities and anti-collision devices.