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EPS Raw Material Production Line
  • EPS Raw Material EPS raw material (expanded polystyrene) is a kind of insulation material widely used in producing packaging and construction products. EPS beads are small and transparent plastic beads. The beads can be expanded to become resilient and form white-colored foam. EPS beads are then molded into EPS blocks or customized products. EPS raw material is light, heat insulating, sound-proof and vibration resistant.
  • EPS Raw Material Line EPS production line is used for producing EPS beads (Expandable Polystyrene). This line is composed of tank workshop, polymerization workshop, screening workshop, packing workshop, material storing workshop and water treatment workshop. Clients should operate and maintain the in accordance with local production regulations.
Cold Storage
  • Condensing Unit Condensing unit is a refrigerating system. It is usually configured of compressors, condenser, liquid reservoir (if needed) and accessories like fan motor, controller and mounting plate. This compressor and condenser unit is used for compressing and liquefying refrigerant. A heat exchanger is used to change refrigerant vapor into liquid.
  • Air Cooler Air cooler is used to blow the air inside of the storehouse to make heat exchange and achieve cooling effect. Freon is used to absorb heat...